Beach shoot.

We had a beach shoot, on wednesday just a very short one the shoot it self only took about an hour, however it was FREEEEZING on the beach so that was another reason to get in and out quickly my poor model was in tiny wee shorts and super high shoes for it! The model is sarah gourley

However the shots came out brilliant so it was very succsessful.
heres a little behind the scenes shot. it was the make up artist emma and the model's twin sister alison in the background!


And here are some finished shots...




And finally...


Enjoy :)



Suby said...

Interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! <3

Siân Lidgate said...

Woo, I'm your first follower!

I love that second image, it's beautiful. Looking forward to working with you on Monday.

Siân xx

Charlotte Victoria Ettwell said...

I love the black and white photograph, it's stunning!! Did you use a camera filter or post-production filter to get that 'greenish' tint to your colour portraits? :)

Colleen McMahon said...

i used a photoshop technique called "cross processing" X