New Shoots + News.

Ive been very busy these past few weeks, so my apologies for not blogging much.
i had a couple of shoots this past few week one with model Michelle and Make up artist Sian, and another with lauren and sian again.

This is a 'BTS' from the first shoot with michelle we managed to get three looks in the the whole and the photos came out beautifully. I feel very blessed to know and have the support from so many talented people.

Here are a couple of finals i edited from the shoot with michelle.

These are 'BTS' from my second shoot with Sian and lauren, This was a rather fun shoot, we wanted to try doing some movement shots with flour so i asked sian and my younfer sister to throw it at the model with the camera clicks and they came out quite well although id like to try it again sometime.

Sian was re-applying laurens makeup here and actually got quite a nice shot out of it.

For the second look again just fixing the hair to help polish the original image.

This was from the first the look, we wanted to try out some different poses and Sian had a million and one suggestions stored away on her iphone...lucky bugger.

This was for our final look sian did a faboulous job on both shoots with the makep

just a quick touch up inbetween takes.

Here are some of the final images from the shoot.


In other new im being featured in the next issue of Digital Photographer magazine which is pretty cool so ill make sure i get scans for you.



Joanna B said...

woohoo for being featured! thats awesome! i'll have to get it and have a look =)