Puppies + news.

My apoligies for the lack of updating recently been very busy so haent had much time to update you, I had a mini shoot today it was only for about 30 minutes or so my neighbour brought her little puppy - a very cute little beagle cross - over and had a cup of coffee with my mum so while they were chatting i got my camera out, for a good picture opertunity. I got a couple of great shots for her so im going to take them and get them printed for her.

In some other news, ive made it to the shortlisted 50 in the PM/Nikon photographer of the year '09. The first elimination round is on the 20th july so im a little nervous, butfingers crossed i gt through to round 2. I also went to t in the park this weekend it was a lot of fun, i got to see pendulum and i must say i was in awe, they have so much energy on stage even better live than on there album.

Here are the couple of pictures i took, her name is Luna.

When i was in the garden my dogs had a wee nosey over the fence so i got a couple of good shots of them aswell, they look very similar, Poppy has a love heart shape on her head, and belle has a stripe.

Poppy is on the left, and belle on the right :)