Sara Pender Shoot.

On monday morning i had a client shoot with the faboulous Sian Lidgate, the model was Sara Pender, there was also an assisant on hand aswell (thank you kerry, my photos would have been a lot less interesting with out your accetate holding skills :]) The Shoot went really, and the photos came out faboulous, i think it was one of my most fun shoots to date. The model was faboulous, not only was she totaly professional, but she was also fun aswell, Ive never worked with any model capable of posing the way she did at complete ease, she has only been modeling part time for a year and is already way above the standards of some professional models. She was so tall aswell (My mum often commented on her height and her complete natural beauty even with out make up this girl is totally stunning!) I highly reccomend her she was fab!

Sian was her faboulous self. Creating three completly different, versatile looks (Im thinking we should take aqdvantage and go into buisness together ;]) Her make up was creative and totally flawless! To get to do what i love for a living and be around people who are fun and creative to work with makes me want to do better. Not only Is Sian a very creative and talented professional, but i now consider her a friend to me, and i can honestly say she is one of the nicest and talented people i have ever had the pleasure of working with. So keep at it missy :)!

I decided to experiment with my lighting a bit more for this shoot the model wanted studio shots for her book and s i figured that focusing on lighting, styling and posing would give her something she doesnt have yet.

We played about with bathing suits for most of the day the poor model was freezing for the most part (im sorry my kitchen isnt warmer, its the only room in the house without heating!) against a white background, instead of using coloured GELS to vreate the colours lights all i did was ask my assistant to hold coloured accetate in front of the lights. And to my cmplete and utter joy it worked :) Thank you to my model MUA and assistant for their patients on the day im a complete perfectionist and i know there were sick of hearing the words "alright lets try that again!" I did say it quite a bit! So thank you guys. Hears some behind the scenes shots for you to oogle over :)....

during the first bathing shoot look Sian realised she had baby oil in her kit!

Sara and Sian did enjoy going over board and playing with the baby oil :)

My faboulous assistant and best friend Kerry foster Thank you for being my friend, i know i drive you crazy sometimes :)

Kerry even did a spur of the moment shoot at the end of the day for us, to play about with an idea i had, sadly the shots didnt come out quit the way i wanted them, that wont stop me from trying again though! :)

Second look, re-applying, Sian at work.

Hear are some of the final looks for your enjoyment aswell hope you like them! :)

Enjoy! Xx


Samantha Nandez said...

What a great looking shoot, I really like what you did with the lighting!

Ailurophile said...

Great photos. Well done. I quite admire your choice of lighting too. Nice to have come across your blog. You're quite talented :)

Meera said...

beautiful results! the lighting of blue/red was amazing. did u use a gel?