Fantasy shoot.

Well Yesterday was very fun, i arranged a shoot with faboulous MUA Sian Lidgate, and model Lauren lamarr. It went extremely well. Im so happy with the out come because the pictures came out amazing!

Sian fixing laurens make-up

It was a very fun chilled shoot, We started at about 10am as we wanted to get an early start on the day. We experimented with the haor and make up and and got a very fantasy look from the experimenting. We wanted to try and acheive a tim walker style by making the pictures very summery and florarly, and i think we managed to achive this (although no where near Mr Walkers exellence!) We hadent really thought of location until my sister mentioned somewhere she had seen while on her bike so we took the car to the hospital across the road from my house and went up a back farm road to get to the location, we had to hop 2 fences and a field filled with nettles. (On the one day i decide to wear a dress!) I didnt get stung but i did get scratched quite a bit we had to go through a wee stream and a couple of hills aswell but it was worth it for the results we got :).

Fixing her dress

We did managte to get a couple of behind the scenes from it but there should be more on the way! :)

Us trying to haul all our props around including 2 wooden chairs!

The location where we shot was actually really beautiful and we were really lucky it didnt rain on us we got little bits of blue every now and then!

sian re-touching laurens hair.

This next image was lauren lying on a log, but she had hair in the way which was distracting in the shot, you can just see Sian's hand fixing her hair for her :)

And here are some of the final results from the days shooting, the rest you can see on my flickr.

Enjoy! :)


Microrave Records said...

Absolutely astounding stuff Colleen! Your photography is so impressive, and your blog is truly enjoyable to read.

This blog really does mark the path to success!

Colleen McMahon said...

Thank you so much :)

Siân Lidgate said...

I had such a fun day shooting with you ... again! And Lauren, what a fantastic model. I think we made a good team. Loving your blog. xx

Colleen McMahon said...

We all make an awesome team. Go us! :) X