Lights, camera, action.

Well, i got my studio lights a couple of weeks ago and things are going great, and had a test shoot yesterday with the fabulous award winning make up artist Sian Lidgate and model Gail Mackenzie.
We all experimented it was purely just go with the flow yesturday and as a result of the relaxed attitude on set we got some fab images out of it. We all got on very well and the atmosphere was relaxed and calm and friendly as well, which is deffinetly a plus for me, no bitching or moaning, we all got on great. We started about 12, got the studio set up while sian did the make up and we all helped each other out. we managed to squeeze 3 looks in to 3 and a half hours which is exellent! Ive still got loads more to edit! I always love editing studio photos because the quality if far better that natural light plus i love playing about with lighting! :) heres a couple of behind the scenes!

This was us on our third look and we decided we wanted to put a wee bow on the model so sian went right in there and did it and i managed to catch a quick 'BTS' shot.

re-adjusting the bow for second half of the photos.

Im so thankful i got the chance to work with two talented professionals, the model gail also happens to be a very talented photographer as well.

On another note, Id quite like to try my hand a movie stills photography, ive been researching it for a while but i know its very hard to break into that side of the industry, anyone who could give me tips or some advice id be very greatful for :)

here are some of the final results from the shoot yesterday afternoon...Enjoy!